We Have Registerd more than 500 Students.

                 Prime Bridge Academy is New school starting on 2021/2022 Academic year. and led by well experienced educational psychologist. we are registering students as we are officially experienced school. Even most parents are doing our promotion for us. When a kids parent comes to our school, Our first move is give them a tour of our compound so that they have better understanding about the schools environment so that they visualize their kids learning paths and steps. and this factor only had a grate influence for our registering rate. we distributed many many flayers around our school villages and places so that they here our new school name and it has dramatically changed the registering rate per day. sometimes we registered 50 student per day and we reached more than 500 students under 2 months.

                 As of right now, we have fully filled all of our classes. some we opened 2 up to 3 classes for a single class. we observed that we registered many students in under kg Division. Even we have 3 classes for Nursery only. This shows as we have constructed the base of the school for decade or so. Thus students will be the first graduated students that learned through our curriculum and school vision policy. And prime bridge has plans for the future to start a collage. 

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  • This is a school every parents dream about. You teach kids both discipline and education at the same time.
    In 21 century learning should give children creativity and hardworking. You have those quality! But I have one question. Is 12th grade available? And registration deadline?

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